Our Story

At North Brother CrossFit, we take immense pride in our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community where individuals of all ages, from the young, to the adaptive, to the masters, unite to pursue their fitness goals. We see our members not just as participants but as integral members of our CrossFit Family.

Whether you’re high-fiving after a PR lift, offering encouragement during a challenging workout, or celebrating each other’s milestones, our community is there to lift you up and be your fitness family, supporting you through every step of your journey.

These family bonds, formed within our walls, create a vibrant and encouraging environment where shared achievements, family values, and individual growth thrive. At North Brother CrossFit, you’re not just joining a gym; you’re becoming a cherished part of our family.

Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Customized Fitness Programs

Every workout we provide is planned and customized to your skill level and fitness objectives.

Specialised Coaching Every Session

Each lesson that you attend is actively coached by our highly qualified coaches.

Quality Capped Class Sizes

Because we want you to receive the attention you need during each session, we cap the number of students in each of our classes to 12.

Meet the Team

The North Brother Team is full of experience with Crossfit training and coaching. We offer a diversity of knowledge with our team having unique abilities to offer to North Brother Crossfit.

Vivienne Letchford

CrossFit Kids
Teens Highdrive CrossFit
PT Coach
Adaptive Coach

Dean Letchford

L1 CrossFit
Highdrive CrossFit Coach

Josh Morris

L1 CrossFit Coach
PT Coach

Dave Whittaker

Lifting Coach

Sue Dickens

L2 CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Coach