Anything is possible with hardwork, consistency and a community

More than a gym.
More like a family.

We are aware that joining a gym can be intimidating. However, we are also aware that if you give us the chance to assist you in achieving your fitness objectives, you will look back on this time in the future and realise that it was the best choice you ever made. When you discovered something more than just a gym, you discovered a family! I know that sounds corny, but that is how training here is. You’ll discover that our community of motivating instructors and members are involved in your journey from the moment you walk into our facility for the first time. Join us and discover North Brother CrossFit!

A tailored approach to fitness

We offer programs suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience or fitness goals. Our innovative functional training programs cater to all body types, and you can choose between intense workouts or a 30-minute sweat session. Start with a free trial session or learn more about our programs.